Börn Óðinns

Hof of Fountain, CO.


Mission Statement

We are the Born Odinns Hof of Fountain, CO. Our organization stretches from Oregon to Tennessee. Our goal is to remember and reinstate the ways of the warrior. The enlightened sage and the limitless berserker, battle-hardened and war-ready: these are the Born Odinns. Our Hof is immersed in the lore and ritual of the primal death cults, while still being able to thrive on the ubiquitous roads of modern society.

We are a tight-knit, fraternal style organization dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth of our members. We consist of men and women of Northern European descent seeking to honor our ancestors and add to the ever growing strength of our family lines. Sweyn Plowright wrote in his book True Helm, “A True warrior is a poet, a scholar, a fighter, a magician, and a passionate lover.” We gather to worship, but we don’t worship with prayer. Instead we worship through action. We do so by teaching each other the skills we have to offer, from rune work and rituals, to forging blades, archery and fighting. We challenge each other to achieve greatness.

In our studies, we work hard on understanding and using the runes, learning the lore of our ancestors and applying the lessons we learn to our lives and our communities. We do not function at all like the modern church. We have a rigorous initiation process into our organization. If someone fails the process, we have ties with other Heathen Hofs that are only focused on the worshiping of the Gods and Ancestors.

Unlike the church, we understand that not everyone is meant to be on our same path. When meeting new people, we tell them how to join us only once. We tell them that we will never ask them to join; it’s up to them to ask us. We do not want to push others onto a path they may not be ready or truly willing to embark on. Everyone has their own life to live. If it lies with us, great. If not, we hope they find what they need in their life.

Most Asatru organizations act as a religious practice, while the stance of the Born Odinns Hof is a life-style and rebuilding and adapting culture, rather than just a religious practice. The types of people we seek are those who wish to strip away the weak and manipulating morals of this modern society: Those who wish to live with just and honorable actions, free to do what may be oppressed by the modern church, and experience a life free of internal slavery and self-loathing.